How we started

In 2019, I started this brand as side hustle with just 6 shirts and a burning desire to inspire others. As a graphic designer with a passion for empowering others, I knew that the words we wear could be a powerful means of inspiring and uplifting those around us. Thus, the “CURA” brand was born, fueled by the belief that self-care and inspiration are essential cornerstones of a fulfilling life.

Merely three months after introducing our brand to the world, we ascended to the pinnacle of achievement as Jumia’s top seller, little did we know that this rise is temporary until, December 2019. When I had a fatal accident that broke me down and forced me to closed down the brand.

Renewed Hope

Not until 2020 after covid lock-down, came a renewed mindset. One fortified with Debt, Broken Leg and a renewed hope of starting the brand “CURA” back right in the corner of my room. As we proceed in the journey and strive to make an impact in others too, we noticed the gaps in the fashion industry that needed filling, this realization fueled our desire to do more, to create a brand that not only inspires but also makes a tangible impact on people’s lives.

Finding the true definition of “Cura”

In this rough moment I understand better importance of Self-Care. Its okay to dream big, work hard, but it’s also crucial to prioritize dedicated self-care. Only by doing so can we dream bigger, achieve more, and consistently be there for the people who hold a special place in our hearts. Cura is more than just a word to us. It symbolizes caring for oneself and others, It signifies the journey towards a life that’s both purposeful and joyously fulfilled.

The journey to making a different hasn’t being easy thou but we forever grateful to our community, who stood by my side, Through all the ups and downs, by  offering invaluable feedback, suggestions, and orders that fueled my determination to make a difference. Their belief in my brand and its message pushed me to create over 60,000 pieces of wearable inspiration, each one carrying a piece of my heart within its design.

With your unwavering support, CURA Wears has grown remarkably, serving over 20,000 customers and collaborating with talented local artisans, making us proud of our Made in Nigeria products. You, our valued customer, are the heart of our success. Your orders, feedback, and suggestions guide us, and we value the opportunity to learn and improve.

Don’t lose yourself

I just hope you believe in yourself, dream big and make it happen but most importantly don’t lose yourself in this journey, put self-care at the first most part of your everyday lives.

Within each of us lies a collection of stories—some marked by trials that tested our mettle, while others were crowned with the brilliance of achievement. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that these diverse experiences converge to sculpt us into refined and improved versions of ourselves. Let’s stand united in the act of sharing these narratives, each one akin to a precious fragment, kindling inspiration in those who cross our path. Through this, we become conduits of hope, casting light on the path for those in search of guidance. One story at a time, we paint a canvas of motivation and encouragement.

Join us on this journey of inspiration, creativity, and positive change as we dare to dream, live our best lives and make the world a better place.

Feel free to explore our latest collections, share your thoughts, and let us elevate your experience with us. Thank you for being part of the CURA Family. We are excited to have you with us.

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Cheers to care, style, and inspiration!

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